Optimize your gaming PC

In order for you to enjoy better in-game performance you may need to optimize your gaming hardware. But how can you do that, huh? Win PC Games.com gives you 4 simple tips that have proven to be really effective. There is no need to be a tech expert or a computing genius to put them into practice. Ready to finally release the beast?

Your GPU drivers might need to be updated!

Drivers are essential components. Without them, your system cannot operate and communicate with your PC’s hardware. Imagine that drivers are like a human brain. Take it off and you will realize that a human body cannot work without it. These programs are of key importance for your PC’s health and it is really important to update them over time. Amongst the most reputable GPU drivers, there are those manufactured by Nvidia and AMD. These companies make sure their products are fully updated to allow gamers to play the latest games in top-notch conditions. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs™ was a good example of a very anticipated game that failed to play nice with all hardware at launch, and it took driver updates from both AMD and Nvidia to smooth these issues out!

Optimize the game settings with respect to your hardware

Depending on the hardware you are using, another key factor to take into consideration might be the optimization settings associated to the software suite your PC is equipped with (can be either Nvidia or AMD). Both companies know exactly how to improve the visual quality of games. After all, they have gathered information for years to learn better about hardware, frame rate date, in-game settings and more. It is up to you to use your favorite preset or configurations. All you have to know is that there is an infinity of options to tailor made your gaming PC. If you are doubtful on what settings you should use to get better gaming performance, please go visit Nvidia or AMD websites.

Defragment your hard drive for a faster PC

The more you are using your PC, the more disorganized hard drives will get. The problem is not the way you store your files (they may be classified into neat folders or be a real mess) but the drive collects and scatters data sequentially across the discs. Actually it is sometimes enough to move, rename of delete a file for things to get messy really fast. It is because your PC keeps track of every data that your hard drive slows down the whole process (in fact, it needs to work harder to achieve the same result). That is why defragmenting your hard drive will improve your PC’s inner organization: it will especially provide you with unexpected speed boosts!

Get rid of unnecessary applications running in the background

Unfortunately, computers are very stubborn. They dedicate resources differently and while you’re playing you might not enjoy the full potential of your gaming beast because some unexpected OS are running in the background. In most cases, undesired third party apps take up considerable amounts of resources from your CP, hard drive but also RAM. Hopefully it is possible to disable these nasty programs that Windows uses thanks to magnificent tools such as Game Booster! In fact, Game Booster allows you to do this manually or automatically when you launch a game!

Click on the video to learn more about optimzing Window 10 for gaming.

You can now start the gaming feast with your remarkable PC!