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PCs are not working tools anymore such as Marco B. wants to make us believe. Well, at least they are still used in this perspective but let’s be honest one second: PCs are now so complex and have so many functionalities that they have turned into entertainment, gaming tools. Here is the good thing, at Win PC we love playing video games on PC and we are convinced that PC games are better than console games. However, just like racers do with their favourite cars, it is important to treat your PC the right way. We are here to help you optimize, maintain or repair your gaming PC. Yes, our job it is!

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Maintain your PC’s health

We know how frustrating it is not to be able to fix the problems or errors your PC may encounter. That is the reason why we give you some practical advice for improving your PC’s performance.

Do not hesitate to navigate throughout our website as a dedicated team of PC experts, managed by Liana, write useful tips and tricks for you every day. And of course, go take a look at our list of stock Windows utilities and programs that will help you fix your PC and give a new lease of life to it. All our programs can be downloaded for free and are compatible with the most widespread versions of Windows, especially Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and of course the very criticized Windows 10.

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Optimize your gaming PC

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If you want to monitor your computer properly, you may need to use a few utilities which will enable you to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and expose the potential weak or damaged points that make your PC suffer. This might be an outdated driver, a missing stability patch – especially if you play video games or casino games –, or a virus affecting your system.

In most cases, uninstalling all unwanted programs will be the solution but the easiest way to do that will be to download our task manager monitoring program. It will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Avoid unlikely tragedies

It is obvious that you will need some basic tools to troubleshoot your PC, and hopefully, Win PC is here to provide you with these tools that you are looking for! However, the best thing you can ever do is to anticipate your upcoming PC’s breakdowns (they usually happen every 4 years with gaming desktop computers unless you build the inner system yourself using fully functional spare parts). In order to do so, you will have to avoid brutalizing your favourite toy and try to minimize any problem: think of maximizing space, always get rid of the programs you never use, disable Windows startup software thanks to MSConfig. Also, you may want to invest on a powerful machine with high peak performance. For example, a €700 budget PC gets you a faster, more versatile machine than any game console. And for €2,000, you can even acquire a high-end computer which will be able to play all the latest games for 5 years in a row!

But that’s not all. Other things you might need to consider in order to improve your computer’s performance are processors, motherboards, memory cards, graphics cards and even power supplies. We tell you everything about it in the next few pages!